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Want to spend quality time with your family? Make a trip to Sedgefield

by Cherice Torlage-26 Aug 2021
Stunning untouched beaches, pristine lakes and a paragliding hotspots, awaits your exploring. Sedgefield is food for the soul. Pretty as a picture and a delightfully unhurried tempo of life, one of the fantastic attractions is the wonderful Saturday markets, just a short walk from our Avemore Lakeside home in Sedgefield. 


Oom samie se winkel

by Cherice Toralge - 23 June 2020
Oom Samie se Winkel is a Victorian style shop that still operates in the same way it did in 1904. This popular attraction which is now a national monument offers all kinds of unique products ranging from boiled sweets and sticky toffee to authentic old-style butter churns and a wide range of unique knic-knacks. 


Enjoying Stellenbosch to it’s fullest

by Sherize Francis - 15 June 2020
Being the second oldest town in South-Africa, Stellenbosch is loved by many from around the world, with tourist and local South-Africans visiting their favourite town year after year, never running out of things to do and places to explore. 



by Cherice Toralge - 20 April 2020
Being part of the Stellenbosch community is truly an honour. Over the past twelve years we have build a portfolio with 12 carefully chosen apartments to welcome our guests. Affordable, private, comfortable self-catering apartments in the very heart of our much loved historic Stellenbosch was what we wanted to offer you.


Our first restaurant we would like to introduce is ‘Jardine'

by Cherice Toralge - 24 April 2020
Relaxing on our Jan cats no 2 balcony with a glass of superb Lanzerac chenin blanc, much to our delight and surprise, painters, cleaners, decorators where arriving across the street! What was happening there? As foodies we hoped it would be another amazing restaurant. 


Add a relaxing spa date to your next Stellenbosch Visit

by Cherice Toralge - 30 April 2020
Looking forward to your next stay in Stellenbosch? On your to do list add a treatment at Lanzerac spa in Stellenbosch. The drive to Lanzerac through Mosterd drift, is fantastic, you will see historic and trendy homes oozing with style and elegance.

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